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PVC-Zaunlamellen für 3D-Gittermatten

Vertical PVC fence slats to darken your 3D mesh mat fence. Height, 2.50 meters and compatible with our PVC blackout sets. Two sizes are available: 44.4 x 5.5 mm width for the inner slats and 31.10 x 6.5 mm for the end slats.

Available in 4 colors: green, light wood, dark wood and anthracite.

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Opt for a PVC blackout from Lymeta & Co. and beautify your outdoor area while averting prying eyes.

If your system requires additional vertical slats, you will find these slats in two different widths here. Each slat is 2.5 m high and can be easily adapted to the height of your darkening.

The two different widths correspond to the position of the lamella in the grid mat :

- "Inside" positioning (44.40 mm)
- "Outside" positioning (31.10 mm), i.e. the slats, which are located at both ends and are thinner, so you can position your attachment to the post.

Available in 4 colors: green, light wood, dark wood and anthracite.

Select your color and the width of the slats in the adjacent section "Your criteria".

Mounting your PVC slats in your 3D mesh mats

After attaching a vertical slat and the horizontal trapezoidal slats to each end, slide the other slats into the mesh mat so that they fit between the wire and the positioned trapezoidal lamella. You start at the top of the grid mat if you haven't attached the top end, or in the middle by sliding the slats to the top end. In this second procedure, you need to bend the slat a little to push it down behind the wires.


Vertical PVC Latte Screeno Line

Video zur Installation


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