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Zaunpfosten aus Aluminium

Discover our aluminium fence post, which is 100% compatible with our WPC boards or any other board with a maximum thickness of 20 mm. This post is ideal for mounting privacy fences.

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The aluminium fence post at a glance

Compatible withWPC and other boards / thickness 20 mm
Method of attachmentPosts/Panels
Material Aluminium
Profile70 x 70 x 2.00 mm
I/V10.45 cm³
Compatible with plateYes
Compatible with extension armsNo
Upper cap includedYes
Side closure profile includedYes
Available shadesAnthracite RAL 7016 S (structural effect)
Warranty10 years

The advantages of the aluminum fence post

The aluminum fence post provides excellent stability. It is made of 6063 T6 aluminium and is designed to withstand a maximum wind load of 116 km/hour. This corresponds to a force of 178 kg, which is exerted at a height of about 1 m above the ground.

To obtain these wind resistance measurements, tests were carried out on a fence that was set up with a total height of 1800 mm, a post spacing of 1800 mm, with WPC boards and 100% darkened (the wind does not penetrate through the fence). The wind power is applied vertically on the fence at a constant load. Two load tests were carried out: with fence posts for concreting and fence posts on floor slabs.

This fence post has been designed in its shape to be compatible with 20 mm thick boards made of WPC (or other materials). The shape has been designed to withstand the natural expansion of the WPC boards in high heat.

Cut through the Horizen Prime post

Like the WPC boards of the same name that make up the system, the fence posts are also made of aluminum, with the aluminum made of a mixture of new and recycled aluminum. All components of the system are 100% recyclable.

All aluminum fence posts come with a cap and a cover strip that allow you to close the post on one side. For example, at the end of a fence section, for the design of the corners. This cover strip is used when it is not needed to close one side of the post (i.e. They have lattice mats suspended both to the right and left of the post), as a wedge (for recutting) to maintain the required distance between the bottom of the plate and the floor.

Depending on the assembly, if you need additional caps, these can be purchased at retail.

We recommend that you read our assembly instructions and watch our videos. There you will receive detailed information and practical advice so that you can easily mount your new fence.

Available coatings and shades

The posts are covered with a layer of polyester, which increases their longevity. They have a 10-year warranty against rusting.
Only one colour is available: anthracite grey RAL 7016, structural effect.

Assortment fence posts made of aluminium

There are 3 heights for this post:

If you do not find a product in the table below or you are missing a certain size, please contact our team via the chat at the bottom right or via the contact form so that they can provide you with information about the availability of the individual items.

1925 mm: Recommended height for fences lower than 1800 mm. In this case, you need to cut the post to the correct height (see mounting video). This height is also offered as a version with base plate to install mesh mats with a maximum height of 1800 mm.

2400 mm: recommended height for the installation of lattice mats with a height of 1800 mm with fence posts for concreting.

2980 mm: Therefore, if your system is on a slope and needs recesses, you are forced to use higher fence posts for the system.

Select your desired height using our drop-down menu at the top. All posts in the "on disk" configuration include the price of the plate. It is an aluminum plate that is inserted into the interior of the post. We provide you with a cover for the plate to achieve a perfect finish. More information about this plate can be found on our product page.

Due to the specificity of this product, only the height of mesh mats in 1800 mm is offered for easy calculation with our configurator. For all other heights, you will need to do your calculation manually or contact us with the details of your project so that we can make you an individual offer.

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